You will be diving in Marantale and Parigi on this two day trip. The villages are on the east coast of Sulawesi behind the mountain chain (1000m). If the weather is clear you will have a great view on our resort from the peak during the 3 hours journey. After diving the sea mountains in Marantale with extremely huge barrel- and tube sponges you will be staying overnight in a hotel in Parigi. From there we`ll go to the beautiful outer reef the next day for another two dives. These dives take place on a steep wall with enormous sea fans - some of them around 4m and more in diameter. All spots have an impressive visibility of 40m + and in general the water temperature is around 30°C.



On this two-day tour you will be heading north - a 5 hours boattrip, crossing the equator - to get to Pasoso, the Turtle Island. This National Marine Reserve is a great place to spot green and hawksbill turtles. At North Atoll, where we usually do two dives during this trip, you will get the chance to see white-tipped & black-tipped reefsharks as well as the grey sharks and occasionally hammerheads. After two dives on the first day you will sleep on the boat, anchoring in a beautiful bay surrounded by untouched nature. On the way back, for the 4th dive of this trip, you will stop at Shark Point – named after the loads of sharks we usually spot here.