One-day tours

The enchantment of the diversity of Indonesia

Sulawesi, Orchid Island, jewel of the Indian Ocean, diving paradise, and one of the earth’s most magnificent highlands – innumerable descriptions of what is hard to describe: the radiant beauty of this little island. However, you have to travel Sulawesi yourself to experience the endless white sandy beaches, the rites of the Toraja culture, the mystic historic heritage of the different ethnic groups and indigenous tribes, the heartfelt joy of islanders, rice farmers, and ordinary fishermen, and the unique coral reefs surrounding Sulawesi that belong to the world’s most beautiful and pristine ones. A deep green mountain landscape with coconut and cocoa plantations, rice terraces, and roaring waterfalls. Hundreds of voices of hundreds of different bird species, the lives of water buffaloes, and rare species of monkeys in the rain forest. You can enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine per year at the Prince John Dive Resort and the most beautiful places!
One-day tours:



 Near Palu there is a small golf course, where guests  - besides golfing - also had a lot of fun with the Indonesian staff. We'll be happy to organize the transfer and the borrowing of equipment.


Visiting the market in Palu or Donggala

The market in Palu (60min by car) offers tasty fruits, spices and traditional clothes. The market in Donggala (20min) is a little smaller but also worth seeing.


Dolphin watching adopting their playfulness…

Schools of dolphins passing by the coast: On our special tour, we will watch their natural behaviour at close. An unforgettable experience! What is most impressing is their playfulness, joy, and intelligence. Dolphins can touch the bottom of your heart! They make you feel free and joyful having the ability to heal. It is generally known that thanks to their extraordinary intuition they particularly turn to sick persons and children. When playing with dolphins, you will feel bewitched without being able to explain!


Trip to the Air Terjun Wera waterfalls

75 Minutes by car, next to Palu, you can visit this impressive Waterfall. It takes about 30 Minutes and a little effort to get up the hill and see the water rushing down but it's absolutely worthwile.
You can also combine this tour with seeing ricefields and cocoa plantations and afterwards it's possible to stop at the market in Palu or at some traditional indonesian restaurant.