National Park

A perfect destination for naturalists, a paradise for bird lovers!

The region of the Lore-Lindu Natural Park comprises a total of approx. 119 villages with approx. 40,000 inhabitants including many indigenous tribes. A few miles southeast of the provincial capital Palu, you will reach the Lore-Lindu National Park with a surface area of 250,000 hectares, which is among the UNESCO’s biosphere reserves since 1978.Mainly consisting of tropical mountain forest, the National Park includes a fascinating multitude of flora and fauna: Comprising more than 2,000 different plants, more than 220 bird and about 30 butterfly species, Lore-Lindu is a geological wonderland of superlatives, integrated into a breathtaking scenery of high mountains, the deep green misty forest, crystal clear waterfalls, and rivers. With a little luck you will find hornbills, black macaques, or impressive helmet hornbills behind the magnificent beauty of numerous trees, ferns, moss, lichens and orchids.

Another highlight are the mystic megalithic monuments, whose origins date back to the third previous millennium BC and have not been clarified scientifically until today. You will find these massive stone blocks that have been worked by hand in many places within the valleys and the villages, some of them being 4.50 m high.

Due to the size and diversity of the national park, there is a big variety of tours that we can organize. Whether you want to go to one of the lakes and waterfalls, to the impressive megaliths or on a trek through the pristine landscape: Destinations and duration of these tours are planed on your personal interests to prepare you a very individual experience.