Location & Journey



Indonesia is the earth’s fourth biggest country and the world’s biggest insular state. Comprising a total surface of 189,200 km², Sulawesi is Indonesia’s fourth biggest island with a coastline of more than 80,000 km. 15 percent of the world’s coral reefs belong to Indonesia. This is why this region is among the earth’s most beautiful and attractive diving areas. The Prince John Dive Resort is situated at the west coast of Central Sulawesi.


The journey

There are flights to Palu (PLW) via Jakarta (CGK), Balikpapan (BPN), Makassar (UPG), or Denpasar (DPS). Therefore, national flights with an Indonesian airline are indispensable, and the journey is only possible if the corresponding national flights have been booked. Flying from Europe to Palu is a one-day journey. Our guests will be picked up by a chauffeur at the airport, who will then take them to the Prince John Dive Resort.